Tabitha Mott, Licensed Esthetician I am the founder of FabwithTabb.

I began my beauty career around age 22. When I discovered Makeup tutorials on YouTube and instantly came to be obsessed!! I yearned for more knowledge. Guiding me to attended Neosho Beauty College. I have a passion for helping people achieve their skin goals, and strives to make everyone feel beautiful in their own skin.

FabwithTabb offers clients the professional skincare line Glymed Plus Professional in the treatment room and for home care. Glymed Plus Professional skincare!! This line is for professional use only, only uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients, natural botanicals, no animal testing, cruelty-free, no unnecessary chemicals, no synthetic fragrances, no phthalates, and 99% paraben free.

The Founder of Glymed. 
Christine Heathman started her journey in becoming the foremost skin care expert as a single mother struggling to make ends meet in the suburbs of San Francisco, CA. As a new esthetician her passion for skin care - and treating skin ailments - was evident. She set out to learn every facet of treating skin while instilling lifelong confidence in her clients. Through her journey, Christine used creative and cutting-edge techniques to achieve amazing results in her client’s skin. By showing amazing results in her client’s skin, she becomes the foremost expert in aesthetics. In 1991, Christine created GlyMed Plus Professional Skin Care. Over the next 30 years, she would be recognized as a “Legend in Aesthetics” and recipient of the prestigious “Crystal Award” for lifetime contributions to the skin care industry.
To purchase Glymed Products Please book a consultation (this can be virtual). Use the store code :fabwithtabb.
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